About Five Star Quality Products

Five Star Party Co. is wow factor, is colour, is style, is fun, and is excitement. We’re on your Life journey of celebrations. What a journey to be on.

Offering the very best quality, on-trend and fun products at the right price is our goal. We to do this by creating and distributing the right products so shoppers are inspired to mix and match colours and textures across Tableware, Party Décor, Balloons and Accessories to create some serious style!

We are an Australian family owned wholesale party company that started 3 decades ago, today we still continue to bring colour to Parties Australia wide every day.

Our Party ethos

We are built on fresh thinking. We enjoy developing new and exciting products for shoppers to mix and matching with staple party products. This is what our core business is centred on, inspiring Party makers to use the old with the new in exciting and original ways. Sometimes the answer is right in-front of your shopper, as a brand we believe it’s about providing great design and matching colours to make the shopping experience fun and easy!

The Team behind your Party

Our five star ethos is supported by the world class work our dedicated Australian team produce daily. Developing a product at Five Star Party Co. is not about running a factory production line, it is all dependant on the passion, the creativity, the fun, the market knowledge and the attention to detail our passionate team invest into each and every one of our 10,000 products. We are never satisfied with being okay. We strive to do it better.

Pricing your Party right

Price does matter. We understand that our product is disposable but we want to ensure that the product is the best it can be for your needs and everyday price point.

The Party Maker

Planning a special occasion can be stressful and worrying at times, especially as people are so time poor. We take the stress and worries out of the party for you by creating wonderful short cut solutions for shoppers. We want to make it simple and seamless for people to have the theme and style they are looking for.

Five Star Party Co. bringing the party to life in colour